Releasing Negativity Ritual

Releasing Negativity Ritual

Before describing my releasing negativity ritual:

I want to expose a contrast between authentic negativity and its toxic positivity counterfeit. It just seems like the responsible thing to do.

The phrase counterfeit negativity might feel a bit offensive at first glance — as if it intends to invalidate our pain or imply that we’re faking it. Perhaps we assume this because someone, at some pivotal point, neglected our emotional needs in an effort to avoid their own negative emotions.

They never learned how to process negative emotions and transmute them into a positive experience because someone did the same thing to them. No one provided an example of how to honor emotions as tools.

Now we harbor and invalidate our own experiences for the same reasons.

I have good and bad news: Your internal experience is valid and no one gets to define negativity for you.

Defining Negativity

Authentic negativity is disorderly. Rigid thought patterns keep us cycling through the same traumas time after time — delivering the unfortunate message that we might be the common denominator in our problems after all. Obsolete coping mechanisms drive faulty logic we use to justify sheltering a host of other negative emotions we fail to transmute into something healing or useful.

Authentic negativity is a fixed psychological position reflected in a dark mirror. It defines how we affect ourselves. The way we affect ourselves is reflected in how we affect others — not the other way around.

Releasing is an Internal Work

It travels inward and then spills back out from a place of radical responsibility. A point arrives where we relinquish fault for our toxic traits while also assuming the burden of correction. Then we hop on a different train to a new destination.

This monthly releasing negativity ritual uses the moon’s peak releasing energy to close old pathways so we don’t make the mistake of traveling them again.

Releasing Negativity Ritual

You Will Need:

  • compass
  • pen
  • paper
  • fire-proof burn container
  • candle (preferably black or red)
  • bowl of salt
  • bowl of water

The Ritual

Begin by orienting yourself with the compass. Place your burn container in the East, your candle in the south, a bowl of water in the west, and a bowl of salt in the North.

Ground yourself with any method you prefer — earthing, meditation, or chanting, or prayer beads (my personal favorite). Remember to breathe deeply.

Light your candle and sit down facing East.

Hold your pen and paper while entering trance state (use whatever method works best for you to achieve trance.) Ask your deity or ancestors to bring you clarity.

Free-write anything that comes to mind that you need to release. It doesn’t have to make sense. The things that surprise us contain the most truth. Time doesn’t exist.

Once you are finished, spend some time visualizing your life without these things. Focus on the sensation of floating while you visualize.

When you return firmly to the earth, turn to the South and set your paper alight with the flame of your candle. Use your left hand to place your paper in the burn container to your left. Watch the itemized sins on your list drift away on the smoke.

The burn container will cool sooner or later. Turn to the north and scrape the ashes into your bowl of salt. Mix them together with your fingers while visualizing the salt absorbing any remaining negative energy.

Turn to the West and pour the salt ash mixture into your bowl of water. Thank the elements and your deity or ancestors.

Extinguish your candle.

Dispose of the water by sending it far from your home or by performing a very distinct act of sacrifice, such as flushing it right down the toilet.

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