How to Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs

How to Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs

What Are Self-Limiting Beliefs?

The irony of nature is that the same mechanisms that help us survive and evolve can also hold us back. The same mechanisms that we prize as sharp discernment can also emerge as debilitating hyper-vigilance. This dissonance begs us to ask ourselves how to eliminate self-limiting beliefs.

Self-limiting beliefs are unconscious impressions we maintain that prevent us from manifesting our conscious intentions. They are fears dressed as facts and are reinforced by confirmation bias. We find them at play in the areas of our lives where we have an idea of what we want but aren’t sure what’s holding us back.

The real conundrum is that we usually have no idea that they are lurking silently in stagnant waters.

I will break the process of finding out how to eliminate self-limiting beliefs down into two simple actions:

  1. identification
  2. transmutation

How to Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs

The main obstacle we encounter on our journey is — how do we fight an enemy we can’t see?

Allow me to assist.


  1. Make a list of your goals and intentions. You may have already done this on New Moon.
  2. For each of these goals and intentions, write at least one reason why you haven’t achieved each one.
  3. Highlight each reason that expresses a perceived fact about yourself, people, or some other vague notion of the world. For example:
    • “I can’t…”
    • “People don’t like it when…”
    • “I need to ______ in order to ______.”

Congratulations, you’ve identified a number of probable self-limiting beliefs! Now what do we do with them?


Move your newly highlighted self-limiting beliefs to their own list. Spend a moment imagining if the opposite of each belief were reality. What would your life look like?

Thoroughly investigate this new opposing belief. Find evidence for its truth. Connect with people living this life. Read books and blogs that reinforce this visualization.

Use the evidence you find and create for this new belief as a collection of positive affirmations or create a very specific vision board. Congratulations on your brighter future!

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