Cicada Magical Properties — Locust of Luck

Cicada Magical Properties — Locust of Luck

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Cicadas are comfortable upside down.

Have you ever experienced the shattering of your entire reality?

We’re not talking about an upheaval of your worldview or even the difficult depths of shadow work. We’re talking about staring into the abyss where your entire self-perceived identity used to reside. Dreams and visions and psychosis.

I have.

I spent five months going through the motions. Fed myself but barely ate. Went to bed but hardly slept. Stared and walls and ceilings. Dissociation and amnesia.

Then one day, without no notice, something was different. I woke up with the knowing that something had to change or I wouldn’t survive. My instincts knew that it was time to emerge with a new identity — leaving the old identity behind in the underworld.

This is a Cicada Transformation — Cicada Magical Properties

Butterfly and moth appear to hold strong positions as preferred symbols of metamorphosis. Cicadas differ from these symbols because they lack a pupal state. Instead of zipping up and turning into a formless goo, they transform from one fully-functioning state to another.

Imagine the moment you look back and clearly see the person you once were. You are only able to identify that person as separate from you because you are no longer that person.

If you have ever experienced this, you have evoked the cicada energy.

(Perhaps this will inspire us to read the tragic myth of Orpheus and Eurydice with new insight.)

A Shell of What I Once Was

Cicadas operate as spirit guides in the process of emergence. They assist you with the revelation of your true self through various stages of your life cycle. They inspire the lost art of speaking with ourselves. This is the root of LUCK — allowing our highest self to place us in the right place at the right time through fluid communication between our conscious and unconscious minds.

The definition of faith is maintaining the knowledge that the world we live in after our emergence suits us better than the world we lived in before it.

Using Cicadas in Witchcraft Practice — Cicada Magical Properties

There will soon be an abundance of cicada shells available for your craft! If you can’t find a real cicada shell, consider a photo, your own drawing, or check to see if I have any crystal carvings available!

Avoid killing a live cicadas for your practice. It might have unintended outcomes. This is fine if you intend to eat them, though! If you find a dead one, there are easy ways to preserve them!

Cicada Correspondences — Cicada Magical Properties

In craft, cicadas are most commonly associated with EXTREME LUCK!

Moon Phase:

  • First Quarter
  • Full Moon


  • Spring
  • Summer

Tarot & Numerology

  • 13, Death
  • 17, The Star

Alchemical Steps:

  • Separation
  • Coagulation


  • death
  • rebirth
  • reincarnation
  • faith
  • music
  • communication
  • self-discovery
  • authenticity
  • harmony
  • luck

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